One on One Training

Behavioural Consultation

Does your furry friend behave in a way you don’t like or understand? Do they jump up? Pull on the lead? Not listen when you need them to? Do they become distressed or overexcited around strange people or dogs? Do they guard people or items or food? I can help with these issues and many more.

Behavioural consultations take place in the home and last 2 – 3 hours.  During this time I will be able to help you understand why your dog is acting in this manner and show you how to move forwards.  Post consultation you will be provided with a handout containing management strategies and have access to free remote support via email, phone and text for a month afterwards.

Behavioural consultations are ideal for dogs who may become overwhelmed within a class setting, are fearful or aggressive, or to aid in the rehabilitation of rescue dogs.

Price:  £90 (fuel surcharge may apply)

Post-Consultation Support

Follow up sessions may be recommended weekly or fortnightly after a behavioural consultation so that we can ensure training is going well and adapt any management and behavioural modification strategies as necessary.  The appropriate level of support will be discussed during the initial consultation.

Gold Programme

This programme consists of two one-one coaching sessions per month lasting one hour.  This programme is ideal for helping your new puppy or rescue dog settle into their new home, basic obedience, recall and loose lead training.

Price:  £150

Platinum Programme

This programme consists of four one-one coaching sessions per month lasting one hour.  This programme is pawfect for those encountering more complex behavioural issues which need more frequent sessions, such as fearfulness, anxiety, reactivity or aggression.

Price: £250

Walk & Train with Owner Coaching

My premium, bespoke one-one training walkies are ideal for reactive or fearful dogs, dogs who pull on the lead or need to work on their recall.  Ideal as top-up training to my one-one programmes, for owners who would like regular training sessions with one-one support and coaching, or who may be struggling to find the time to train regularly.  Minimum of one walk a week commitment, owner accompanies one walk in four.

Price:  £25 half hour walk, £40 hour walk

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