These are just a small selection of the lovely comments I’ve received recently:

“One happy pupper owner! Cannot recommend this wonderful lady enough, Bruce and I done the Rockin Recallers class, now, we have been to “classes” before and always left feeling worthless and crying, this lady has took the time to give me great useful advice and techniques and in 3 sessions Bruce has improved and did a little recall in the vicinity of other dogs, something he’s struggled to do for a very long time! Proud of him and eternally grateful to Marianne.” – Kelly

“Fantastic and very down to earth! Came for a meet and greet with my dog Layla before agreeing to walk her which I personally think is fantastic then you know your dog likes or dislikes Marnie.  After a good 2 hours and a bag of treats she had Layla eating out the palm of her had, and doing new tricks. I also never felt as though I was judged with the way I trained my dog (which is very rare) I got some helpful tips and also some praise of how good Layla was which made me one happy Mammy.Coral

“I was in total shock after meeting Marianne for the first time, soon as she came in my dogs acted like two different dogs, she was amazing with them and is a natural at what she does.” Lauren

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